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Leaders today are facing unprecedented change.

NIcola Mchale

Organisations are pushing for and expecting the achievement of stretching targets which is putting more and more pressure on the leader.

Everyone is under pressure to succeed with fewer and fewer resources. It is vital that Leaders use everything they have available within them and their teams to ensure success. Sometimes it is the small things that can make the biggest difference.

What would it be like if you knew how to build a team where everyone was motivated, succeeding, and using their strengths?

“It would allow for maximum development, achievement, and people would recommend your team in future. You would be remembered for being a great Leader, years afterwards.”

Nicola has probably met every issue a Leader can have, every challenge a team could face and every reason why a team fails.

We are not taught how to be great Leaders

We learn by experience. Often, we will make big mistakes and regret later. I want you to avoid this and take quick and simple steps early so that you don’t fail.

“I have designed some great interventions which are easy to implement, practical to employ, fun to do and they work.”

‘Transforming Teams’ is a practical guide for the new leader.
It is also for a leader who has challenges in their team, whose team may be failing or underperforming.

It will also be useful for people who are forming their own businesses and want to design how they operate from the start or for a project team who are coming together for a short time and have to work quickly together.

Nicola McHale

Transforming Teams with Nicola McHale

Nicola McHale has been transforming Leaders and Teams for over 20 years with Global Organisations as they lead dramatic and sensitive change.

With her depth of knowledge and experience she has met probably every challenge a leader will face in their career which could stop them succeeding. With proven success internationally she now shares her philosophy and approach with an engaging and motivating guide which will enable Leaders to;

Transform themselves and their Leadership potential

  • Develop their Leadership Personality
  • Use their unique Strengths
  • Define and align their Leadership Impact

Transform their Teams

  • Build the Trust
  • Develop a Shared Vision and Values
  • Manage Conflict

Achieve their Targets

  • Plan for Success not Failure
  • Create a Performance Culture
  • Celebrate Success

and communicate it with passion.

Transforming Teams is a superb guide full of practical exercises, real life examples and anecdotes. Written by an experienced and highly successful facilitator who is recommended and referred throughout the world for her integrity and expertise because what she does is proven to work.
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The Philosophy

With a proven track record and return on investment every Leader and team Nicola works with achieves a significant improvement in their results.

Her company, Vi International are the leading coaching and training experts with over 20 years experience and proven success within the highest performing organisations. A targeted approach guarantees you a return on investment because they get measurable results directly linked to your business strategy.