Steps to Success is a Team Coaching momemt. A tried and tested exercise to help you and your team get started with a positive transformation.

1 2 3 4 5
Current Reality First Steps Half Way Stage Nearly There End of Year Evidence of Success
Date: Date: Date: Date: Date:
Where are you now?

What’s working?

What’s not?

Know your outcomes

What could stop you?

How does this feel?

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What are you going to do now?

What are your first steps?

What has to be completed by:

Step 3?

Step 4?

Step 5?

What are you going to stop doing?

What are you going to start doing?

Who do you need to influence?
To have achieved Box 5 where do you need to be here?

What do you have to have achieved?

Who have you influenced?

What have you got to do now?

How are you stopping yourselves?

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To have achieved your targets what do you have to do now?

What do you have to stop doing?

What do you have to start doing?

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What exactly will you have achieved?

Leadership goals


What are your measures of success?

Define them

How will this feel?

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