Why Write It?

What was the motivation for writing the book and who is it for?

I wrote my book to literally, put down on ‘paper’ some of what I have learned over the last thirty years in business about developing yourself, your team and ensuring you achieve the results you want. It will be there for anyone to pick up and change their life, career and business.

I realised just how much knowledge and experience I had from all my years in business – both from the cosmetic world to the corporate world. That was and is my niche. That’s where I am different. I will work with a Team and an individual both on the ‘outside’ – their Brand and how they communicate it – and on the ‘inside’ – their Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and behaviours to drive performance and achieve great results.

My book is for anyone who:

  • wants to improve themselves and how they operate.
  • leads a team, business or organisation
  • anyone who is new to leadership and needs a strong, definitive guide
  • someone who is only focused on results but not on how they get them.
  • anyone who is not succeeding now
  • anyone who has failed in the past

What do you feel the message, or synopsis, of your book and why it is relevant?

‘Develop yourself first, look inside and define what makes you a great Leader.’
Develop your Team, take the time to get to know them, what drives them, what they need to be successful and then focus on your results – what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

Simple is best – you don’t have to go to Business School or University to be a great Leader.

It’s relevant because so many leaders of people fail to lead them in the way they deserve to be lead and lead to success. Everyone wants to be a part of a successful team.

What have been some of the toughest personal challenges you’ve experienced as a Team Coach?

• Working with a senior global Board who did not feel trusted by their Leader, who were underperforming – but they had to work together. I got to the core of what was wrong, what had caused the problems, encouraged them to have the right conversations and facilitated some major discussions.

• A global team who had some serious issues amongst them but they wer not coming out during session. Rarely togther it was vital to get to the core issues while they were face to face – so we did. I completely deleted the agenda and we sat there until everyone had spoken and until the issues were resolved. I had to probe deeply to ensure it all came out.

• A senior Management Team who were lacking in self awareness, understanding of one another, did’nt say what needed saying, had low employee engagement scores. Transformed themand their results by raising self awarenessand self management, developed a shared vision and got the whole organisation behind them.

• A Leader who had little impact and an underperforming team – high IQ and low EQ and low impact and presence.I worked with the Alpha Male leader to change his‚ ‘text book‘ leadership style to one that was more transformational, more inspiring and motivating.I got him to face up to his reality, look deep inside of himself and bring forward who he really was as a Leader. Together we released his personality as a Leader–it transformed his career.

‘Transforming Teams’ is divided into three very distinct parts. Can you tell me a little bit about each section?

Part One starts with you. Great teams are as a result of having a great leader. In this section I ask you to think deeply about yourself as a Leader. What is your Leadership Personality?

It is not about being someone you are not – it is about maximising who you are and your potential.

It is about ensuring you do not stop yourself. It is about being truly honest with yourself.

It is about bringing your Leadership alive so that you can have impact, motivate and inspire your people.

You may want to try and avoid this part but if you do you could fail.

It provides you with Coaching Moments and many hints and tips about how you can prepare yourself for Leadership and for bringing your teams together.

Part Two is about building your team and starting the process of getting to know them. Great teams know one another and know their Leader. They have a shared Purpose, Vision and Values. This part shows you ‘how’ to create a vibrant, inspired and motivated team – a team which is working together to ensure success. It shows you how to have the important conversations you need to have to build trust.

Part Three is about how you bring everything together to ensure you achieve your targets and results.

Some of the readers will want to start here and that is fine but if they have not completed the earlier sections, they run the risk of failing early on.

It is about becoming very clear about what the targets are and how you need to focus your energy on what you can achieve rather than what you are not doing well.

Each part has coaching moments for both you the leader and for the team and each chapter has a summary so that you can fast-track.

What is the main goal of releasing this book? What would you like to achieve?

  • Develop the hearts, minds and spirits of Leaders out there
  • Get Leaders fit to lead their teams by providing practical tips and techniques they can do themselves
  • To enable people who think they are no good to be great Leaders and change the way they do business for the better.
  • Make a bigger difference to more people, reach a wider audience.
  • Stop ‘bullying’ in the work place and replace it with a more collaborative approach.
  • Extend this experience from the corporate to the average person who wants to be successful but is not sure how to do it.
  • Stop people failing in their lives and careers and provide coaching moments so they can turn their careers/teams/businesses around.
  • Prepare my future delegates with some pre-reading and my past delegates with a reminder of what’s important to focus on.

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